The Pledge

Compassionate Lord and Saviour, you inspired the Capuchin Friar Theobald Mathew to show your compassionate face to those addicted and burdened by the abuse of alcohol or addictive behaviour and to promote temperance.

May we today, continue to serve our brothers and sisters with love and joy, and to foster balance, and moderation in our lifstyles with the help of God

So we pray, “here goes in the name of God”. Amen

“I Will Never Drink and Drive or take Illegal Drugs”

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The Apostle of Temperance Article

A recent article on Fr. Mathew, Temperance and Alcohol in Ireland.

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Fr Mathew Fheis

Fr Mathew Fheis in full swing in Fr. Mathew Hall, Cork City.

Congratulating all the contestants on their talent and the thanking their parents for their support.

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This Website commemerates the life and death of Father Theobald Mathew(1790-1856).

Fr. Mathew was a Capuchin friar from Tipperary whose 19th century crusade against the abuse of alcohol gained him the title of  “Apostle of Temperance”.

Fr.  Mathew’s call to sobriety has relevance to modern Ireland. The cost to the nation by way of, human suffering, abstention from work, criminality and social upheaval is inestimable. The alarming rise in teenage and underage drinking attracts growing concern and there have been calls for well-prepared alcohol awareness programmes for schools.

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