• Networking with other agencies e.g ALCOHOL ACTION IRELAND+ IRISH BISHOPS e.g  Eamon  Walsh prayers  book.
  • Political world,  in UK and Ireland,   try to curb sports  sponsorship,   memo to Government  5th March.
  • Marketing World….highly inappropriate use of kids with sports jerseys with alcohol logos.
  • Prayer book  plus prayer cards , huge demand esp for serenity prayer.
  • Research…ie  HSE + A&E Department   Connolly Hospital.
  • Road Safety….PARC  celebration s  and support with Gardai Corps.
  • Dochas ….research into Suicide….
  • Education e.g  what is a  Standard Drink  am I a binge drinker . NB  cheap burger…Light Beer
  • Labelling  cheaper drink is suspect  “beer  is cheaper than water “The strength of  wine or beer corkage.
  • Professional Help  telephone numbers   accessible…. AA,  Sr Concilio Athy, Aiséirí etc.
  • Consequences;  and  Cost  to Exchequer.
  • Domestic Violence in the increase  e.g  Fights, stabbing s….with the demise of local pub
  • Cost & upset  in Emergency  Departments    Pay for visit  & Ambulance Service + Deaths
  • Cost  of hospital beds with alcohol related illness
  • Public Order…Law antiquated… Drink Driving no effort at rehab just off the road for 3 ye14   Spirituality  prayer……foster temperance  and balance in the all aspects  of life, fighting addictive behaviour….alcohol  drugs …screen time etc.


“10th April 1838 – 10th April 2013 so its 175 years since my great great grand Uncle took the pledge this year”                             


Veronica Mathew


NB: This event will be commemorated in July at our Provincial Chapter.




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