“It is only right and fitting that we honour and remember his name and the cause he espoused in this the 150th anniversary year of his death”
– Mary Alice O’Connor, Chairperson Tipperary Historial Society

Father Mathew Hall , Church St, Dublin.

“It is diffult to understand the neglect of Father Mathew’s temperance crusade by historians, bearing in mind its enormous impact on Irish Life at the time and the great aomount of material that has survived about it. Police & Magistrates in the southern counties of Ireland submitted detailed reports on the progress of the crusade in their districts at the beginning of 1840 in reply to a circular from the Chier Inspector of Constabulary in Dublin. These replies (The Temperance Reports) have survived in the original handwriting of the Police officers & Magistrates, as have printed replies to another circular three years later, when magistrates & county inspectors of various aspects of Repeal agitation, then at its height, including the connection between temperance & repeal.”
– Extract from; Introduction to Fr. Mathew and The Irish Temperance Movement 1838-1849, Colm Kerrigan.

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